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Metal material engineering involves casting, pressure processing (forging), welding and heat treatment, etc. It is an important production method for obtaining blanks, forming products and improving the mechanical properties of parts in mechanical manufacturing. The production environment of such mechanical equipment generally has the characteristics of high temperature, dust, humidity, corrosive gas, and high vibration and noise. Therefore, the equipment is required to have good adaptability, reliability and maintainability.

The schematic diagram of the hydraulic system of the three-dimensional lifting shaker is shown in the picture. The actuators of the system are 4 hydraulic cylinders 9 that drive the vibration platform, and at the same time, a guide device is used to prevent the vibration platform from tilting. In order to enable each vibration platform to achieve independent operation without interfering with each other, and to reduce the cost of the hydraulic system, the system uses a single quantitative pump 3 to supply oil, and the system pressure is set by the overflow valve 10 and passed through the pressure gauge 5 and its switch 4 observations. The raising, lowering and holding of each hydraulic cylinder are controlled by 4 manual reversing valves 7 respectively. The 4 hydraulic cylinders can work at the same time or time-sharing, with little influence on each other. Using the M-type neutral function of the manual reversing valve 7, the hydraulic pump can be unloaded at low pressure. The lifting speed of the hydraulic cylinder is adjusted with a throttle valve 6. In order to prevent the shaking table from falling down due to the leakage in the reversing valve as the sand is added after it is raised, a hydraulic lock (dual hydraulic control unit) is installed between each reversing valve and the hydraulic cylinder. To valve) 8. Its function is that every one-way valve in the hydraulic lock can be opened smoothly no matter when the hydraulic cylinder rises or falls, ensuring the smooth rise and fall of the hydraulic cylinder. When the reversing valve is placed in the neutral position, each hydraulic control check valve in the hydraulic lock cannot be opened, and the hydraulic cylinder is locked at the highest lift position, even under the action of the platform gravity and the severe vibration of the vibrator, it can also prevent The lowering of the cylinder reduces the frequent opening of the reversing valve.

Three-dimensional lifting vibrating table for casting production line Hydraulic system(图1)

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