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    The oil and natural gas industry is also an important part of the energy industry. It is especially suitable for the use of hydraulic technology to meet the requirements of high pressure, wide speed range; fireproof, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion; and high reliability.

    In all kinds of chemical production, electric arcs, sparks or heat generated by electrical equipment may cause combustion or explosion accidents. Therefore, it is safer and more reliable to directly adopt hydraulic transmission and control.

    Picture shows the schematic diagram of the hydraulic system that drives the leg. The system consists of three parts: the main circuit, the plug-in circuit and the control circuit that provides control pressure oil to the electro-hydraulic valve. The hydraulic actuator of the main circuit is the main cylinder 6 (four), the cylinder realizes mechanical synchronization through the rigid connection of the guide mechanism and the upper and lower ring beams , and the speed limit and lock valve groups 5 are respectively It is used for speed limiting and locking during the lifting and lowering of pile legs and platforms. The direct-acting relief valves in valve groups 4 and 5 are used for braking. The H-type neutral function electro-hydraulic directional valve 3 is used to control the main The lifting direction of the hydraulic cylinder and used for system unloading. The source of the circuit is the double quantitative hydraulic pump 1, and valve 2 is used as a safety valve to prevent the system from being overloaded. The oil source of the control circuit is the double quantitative pump 7, and the high pressure setting and unloading control are realized by the relief valve and the electromagnetic reversing valve in the valve group 8. The actuators of the latch circuit are four lower latch hydraulic cylinders 10 and 11, which are controlled by the left and right electromagnetic reversing valves in the valve group 9 respectively; the oil source of the road is a quantitative hydraulic pump, which limits the pressure And unloading is controlled by the relief valve and electromagnetic reversing valve in the valve group 9.


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