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   Metal cutting machine tools are one of the earlier and more widely used fields of hydraulic technology. The machine tool adopts hydraulic transmission and control, which can carry out stepless speed regulation in a wide range, has good commutation and speed switching performance, and is easy to realize automatic working cycle; it is useful for improving production efficiency, improving product quality and improving working conditions. , Both play a very important role.

    Hydraulic technology is commonly used in modern automobile and motorcycle manufacturing equipment, production lines, and test equipment to improve working conditions, increase the automation of equipment and the economic benefits of enterprises.

(1) Host functional structure

     BF1010 single-arm profiling planer is used for cutting curved blades or other curved surfaces of steam turbines. The main machine of the machine is composed of worktable 1, contact 2, planer 3, column 4, tool holder arm 5 and profiling tool holder 6 (see fist picture). When working, the workpiece is clamped on the worktable 1 by the corresponding fixture, and the tool holder arm 5 drives the profiling tool holder 6 down to the part to be processed. The contact 2 is in close contact with the sample (model), and passes through the worktable. The reciprocating linear main motion (cutting) and the profiling motion of the profiling tool post process a workpiece with the same shape as the sample surface. Both the working table and the profiling tool holder are driven by hydraulic pressure.


(2) Hydraulic system and its working principle

     Second picture shows the schematic diagram of the hydraulic system of the planer. The system is a dual-circuit oil circuit structure, the left side is the reciprocating motion circuit of the worktable, and the right side is the profiling tool post circuit. The former is supplied by a combination of quantitative pumps (vane pumps) 1 and 2, while the latter is supplied by a variable pump (vane pump) 31 and doubles as the control oil source of the hydraulic reversing valve.


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