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Dump truck cylinder: the components of the dump truck cylinder: 5 parts, 1. cylinder and cylinder head 2. special plug and special plug rod 3. sealing device 4. buffer device 5. exhaust device

1. Cylinder tube and cylinder head: Made of high-strength alloy steel, the cylinder body's special wall thickness is changed according to the appropriate strength and size. The special inner surface of the cylinder body of our company has been rolled to achieve a good surface finish and finish. Hardness in order to minimize internal friction and improve wear resistance to extend the service life of the seal.

2. Special stopper and special stopper rod: It is made of precision ground high-strength carbon steel, based on the design concept of improving the strength of the rod body and high-performance heat treatment, through special hard chromium plating and CNC numerical control polishing, It ensures the uniformity and high smoothness of the surface texture, thereby ensuring the good specificity of the surface oil film and improving the service life of the seal. All piston rods and piston components have a safety factor of at least 4:1 based on the tensile strength under rated load at the smallest cross-section.

3. Sealing device: the sealing ring that can overcome the use conditions of various industries of construction machinery, mining machinery, lifting and transportation, and the company's unique sealing system design, effectively solving the oil leakage at the end of the special plug rod The occurrence of dry friction with the special stopper rod.

4. Cushioning device: It is made of high-strength alloy steel. After heat treatment and surface treatment, it can fully ensure the test of high back pressure in the process of buffering before and after the hydraulic cylinder is used. Moreover, a special buffer mechanism that can absorb shock and relieve pressure at the end of the stroke is built-in. The effective gap between the buffer sleeve and the piston rod can not only reduce the starting pressure of the hydraulic cylinder, but also has the function of automatically adjusting the concentricity, eliminating the influence of the concentricity error, and has good cushioning performance, which can reduce noise and impact load and extend The service life of the machine.

5. Exhaust device: According to needs, various valves with special slow-return counter balance and emergency shut-off functions can be installed relatively easily.

The working principle of the dump truck: Take a manual jack as an example. The jack is the simplest oil cylinder. The hydraulic oil enters the cylinder through a single valve through a manual booster (hydraulic manual pump). At this time, the hydraulic oil entering the cylinder cannot be reversed because of the single valve, and the cylinder rod is forced upward, and then the work continues. Make the hydraulic oil continue to enter the hydraulic cylinder, and continue to rise in this way. When it is about to fall, open the hydraulic valve to return the hydraulic oil to the oil tank. This is the simplest working principle, and everything else is improved on this basis.

Dump Truck Cylinder
Dump Truck Cylinder
Dump Truck Cylinder
Dump Truck Cylinder
Dump Truck Cylinder
Dump Truck Cylinder