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Hydraulic pump station: The hydraulic pump station is composed of hydraulic pumps, driving motors, fuel tanks, directional valves, throttle valves, overflow valves, etc., or hydraulic devices including control valves. Supply oil according to the flow direction, pressure and flow required by the driving device. It is suitable for various machinery where the driving device and the hydraulic station are separated. The hydraulic station and the driving device (cylinder or motor) are connected with oil pipes, and the hydraulic system can achieve various regulations. Actions. When the hydraulic pump station  hydraulic device runs for the first time, because the oil has not fully reached every place, the moving parts are not running in, so it is easy to burn out the hydraulic pump, oil leakage, etc., and must be treated with caution  

1.  Before starting, you must read the instruction manual carefully, and fully understand the structure and operation of the equipment and hydraulic device. 

2.  Check whether the connecting parts are correct. Check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the working voltage

3. Adjust the relief valve to the low pressure unloading state (except for the unloading relief valve). 

4. Rotating the coupling by hand should be flexible. 

5.  Jog the oil pump inspection to check whether the oil pump steering is correct. 

6.  When the oil temperature is lower than 10℃, the oil pump should be jog several times before it can enter normal operation. 

7. After the oil pump is running normally, check whether the oil pump pipeline is leaking. 

8. When the oil pump is in normal operation, the oil temperature should be kept between 35℃~50℃ and the oil temperature should not exceed 60℃. If necessary, use a heater or cooler to adjust the temperature.

9.  If the system is equipped with a long pipeline or a large oil cylinder, the oil should be filled in the oil tank in time after the oil pump is started for the first time and the oil level change should be observed. 

10. The oil used in the system must be kept clean, and air must not be sucked into the system. 

11. Rotate the overflow valve handwheel clockwise, the pressure will increase, otherwise it will decrease. Adjust the relief valve to the working pressure of the system, and then tighten the nut. The set pressure of the relief valve should not exceed the maximum pressure of the system. 

12. The pressure reducing valve is the same as above.

Hydraulic power station
Hydraulic power station
Hydraulic power station
Hydraulic power station