Hydraulic Power Packs2.2KW small standard hydraulic station

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2.2KW small standard hydraulic station: The hydraulic station is a hydraulic source device composed of a hydraulic pump, a driving motor, an oil tank, a directional valve, a throttle valve, an overflow valve, etc. or a hydraulic device including a control valve. Supply oil according to the flow direction, pressure and flow required by the driving device. It is suitable for various machinery where the driving device and the hydraulic station are separated. The hydraulic station and the driving device (cylinder or motor) are connected with oil pipes, and the hydraulic system can achieve various regulations. Actions. The function of the hydraulic station The hydraulic station is generally an electromechanical device that provides lubrication and power for the operation of machinery produced by large and medium-sized industries. The hydraulic system is used because the hydraulic system has the characteristics of wide application, high efficiency and simple structure in power transmission. The main task of the hydraulic system is to transform the power from one form to another; the components of the hydraulic station: (1) Electric motor, gear pump-to provide driving force for the hydraulic system. ⑵Electromagnetic reversing valve-control the direction of hydraulic oil flow and change the direction of movement of the oil cylinder. ⑶ Electromagnetic relief valve-prevent the entire hydraulic system from overpressure, equivalent to a safety valve, protect the safety of the oil pump and the oil circuit system and keep the pressure of the hydraulic system constant. ⑷ Pressure reducing valve-through regulating the pressure reducing valve can meet the requirements of different working pressures of different working mechanisms, so that the pressure of the secondary oil circuit is lower than the pressure of the primary oil circuit. ⑸ Speed regulating valve-throttle and speed regulation of the oil circuit, which can change the working speed of the hydraulic cylinder of the actuator. ⑹Hydraulic oil filter——There are two oil filter ports in the hydraulic station. One is installed at the suction port of the gear pump so as not to suck particles and other impurities in the hydraulic oil of the oil tank. The other is installed on the hydraulic oil delivery pipeline of the system to remove impurities in the hydraulic oil, and at the same time, it can also remove gums, asphaltenes, and carbonized particles produced by the chemical changes of the hydraulic oil itself. So as to prevent the valve core from jamming and the orifice clogging. The piping system is equipped with a differential pressure alarm device. When the filter element is blocked, an electrical signal will be sent out. At this time, the filter element should be cleaned or replaced. ⑺ Pressure gauge-used to display the working pressure of the hydraulic station to facilitate the operator to control the oil pressure. ⑻Air filter-installed on the fuel tank, it has three functions, one is to prevent pollutants in the air from entering the fuel tank; the other is to ventilate, to avoid the phenomenon of suction of the oil pump; the third is to double as a hydraulic oil replenishment port. ⑼ Oil level gauge-installed on the side of the oil tank to display the level of hydraulic oil. ⑽Temperature meter—Some oil tanks are equipped with a thermometer to display the temperature of the hydraulic oil. ⑾Connecting pipelines-conveying hydraulic driving force, mostly steel pipes, but also pressure-resistant hoses

2.2KW small standard hydraulic station characteristics:

1. The fuel tank is standardized, miniaturized, light in weight and small in space.

2. Design, manufacture, assembly, test, standardized and standardized operation.

3. The quality of hydraulic components is stable, and the warranty is one year.

4. Fast delivery, delivery within 3 days after payment.

2.2KW small standard hydraulic station
2.2KW small standard hydraulic station