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Small standard hydraulic station: The hydraulic station is also called the hydraulic pump station. It supplies oil according to the requirements of the drive device (host) and controls the direction, pressure and flow of the oil flow. It is suitable for various hydraulic systems where the host and the hydraulic device can be separated Under the machine. After purchasing, users only need to connect the hydraulic station and the actuator structure (cylinder and oil motor) on the main engine with oil pipes, and the hydraulic machinery can realize various prescribed actions and working cycles. The hydraulic station is composed of a pump device, integrated block or valve combination, oil tank, and electrical box. The functions of each component are as follows: Pump device-equipped with a motor and an oil pump, it is the power source of the hydraulic station, which converts the mechanical energy into the power energy of the hydraulic oil. Manifold-is a combination of hydraulic valve and channel body. It regulates the direction, pressure and flow of hydraulic oil. Valve combination-a plate valve is installed on the vertical plate, and the pipe behind the plate is connected, which has the same function as the manifold. The oil tank is a semi-closed container welded with steel plate, and is also equipped with an oil filter, an air filter, etc., which are used for oil storage, oil cooling and filtration. Electrical box-divided into two forms. One type is equipped with a terminal board with external leads; the other type is equipped with a full sleeve control electrical appliance. According to the size of the hydraulic station, it can be divided into three categories. Smaller single-type hydraulic stations are usually power or composite integral hydraulic stations. The medium-scale unit-type hydraulic station mostly adopts a compound separated structure. The Zhongyayang hydraulic station is a large-scale hydraulic station, and this type of hydraulic station can be used for centralized management of the hydraulic system. The working principle of the hydraulic station is as follows: the motor drives the oil pump to rotate, the pump sucks oil from the oil pump and then pumps oil to convert the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil passes through the manifold (or valve combination) to realize the direction and pressure of the hydraulic valve. , After the flow rate is adjusted, it is transmitted to the oil cylinder or oil motor of the hydraulic machinery through an external pipeline, thereby controlling the change of the direction of the hydraulic motor, the size of the force and the speed of the speed, and promoting the work of various hydraulic machinery. The main purpose: for machine tools. Hole, typing to provide power. System features:  1, classic high and low pressure hydraulic control system, energy saving and environmental protection green design. 2. Rigorous design ensures high energy utilization rate. 3. Low noise and no leakage. 4. The main components are international well-known brands, and the system is safe and stable. 5. Compact structure, powerful power and high punching frequency. 6. All components ensure good interchangeability and high operating rate of the machine tool.

Small standard hydraulic station
Small standard hydraulic station
Small standard hydraulic station
Small standard hydraulic station