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DC hydraulic power unit: Our country’s hydraulic industry began in the 1950s, and hydraulic components were first used in machine tools and forging equipment. It achieved great development in the 1960s and has penetrated into various industrial sectors, and has been widely used in machine tools, construction machinery, metallurgy, agricultural machinery, automobiles, ships, aviation, petroleum, and military industries. The current hydraulic technology is developing in the direction of high pressure, high speed, high power, high efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption, long life, and high integration. At the same time, the application of new components, system computer-aided design, computer simulation and optimization, and microcomputer control system have also achieved remarkable results. The hydraulic power unit is a kind of energy transmission that uses pressure as the working medium. Conversion and control of the transmission system. Compared with machinery, hydraulic transmission has a large power-to-mass ratio, flexible layout and can realize multiple technical advantages such as stepless speed regulation. It is used in modern industry, agriculture, construction, aerospace, river and sea engineering. It is widely used in scientific experiments, public facilities and environment. The Gongliang DC power unit has 24V. The hydraulic power unit is used as an oil supply device. It is connected to several hydraulic cylinders through an external pipeline system to control the actions of multiple sets of valves. Oil tank, oil pump and accumulator form a separate and closed power oil source system. The oil station can be equipped with a PLC control system, which controls all internal hydraulic functions and generates signals to exchange with the control room. The use, maintenance and general troubleshooting of the hydraulic power unit:

1. The hydraulic power unit should be installed correctly and connected to the electricity correctly. Pay attention to whether the voltage of the motor and solenoid valve is consistent with the power supply, and whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct (see clockwise from the shaft end).

2. Conventional DC motor adopts intermittent working system S2=24min (continuous working time for one start); S3=10%ED (continuous working time accounts for 10% of one working cycle time), and it cannot run continuously. If you choose 10min working AC The motor cannot work continuously either.

3. The working pressure of the hydraulic power unit has been adjusted before leaving the factory. In order to ensure a good working condition, please do not adjust it casually.

4. The hydraulic power unit should use 32# anti-wear hydraulic oil or 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil (in summer), and use YA-N68. The added oil should be filtered by a filter with a filtering accuracy of 20um. The regular addition amount is the effective volume of the oil tank. 80% of the oil, especially cold areas, should use low-temperature hydraulic oil such as YA-N32.

DC hydraulic power unit
DC hydraulic power unit
DC hydraulic power unit
DC hydraulic power unit