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Hydraulic power unit: Hydraulic power unit is a kind of energy transmission that uses pressure as the working medium. Conversion and control of the transmission system. Compared with machinery, hydraulic transmission has a large power-to-mass ratio, flexible layout and can realize multiple technical advantages such as stepless speed regulation. It is used in modern industry, agriculture, construction, aerospace, river and sea engineering. It is widely used in scientific experiments, public facilities and environment. As an important technology to realize transmission and control system in modern mechanical equipment, hydraulic transmission technology has a great promotion effect on the development of advanced hydraulic power units. The hydraulic power unit is connected to several hydraulic cylinders through an external pipeline system to control the actions of multiple sets of valves. The hydraulic power unit is used as an oil supply device, which is connected to a number of hydraulic cylinders through an external pipeline system to control the actions of multiple sets of valves. Oil tank, oil pump and accumulator form a separate and closed power oil source system. The oil station can be equipped with a PLC control system, which controls all internal hydraulic functions and generates signals to exchange with the control room (DCS). Controlling components such as hydraulic servo valves are directly installed on the hydraulic cylinder, and high-pressure oil is injected into the cylinder through this valve, or high-pressure oil is discharged from it. Under normal conditions, the oil pump supplies oil to the system, automatically maintains the rated pressure of the system, passes through the lock of the control valve, and realizes the function of holding the valve at any position; in the working state, the hydraulic actuator is controlled by the solenoid valve , The system command signal causes the solenoid valve to act, control the oil pressure and the energy release of the accumulator, and then control the oil cylinder slide valve, drive the valve through the mechanical transmission mechanism, implement quick closing, normal opening and closing and testing Control system. The high-pressure oil cylinder can be fixed on the valve stem or directly used as an actuator mechanism. The surplus hydraulic oil is returned to the hydraulic oil station, so that the pipeline system can control several valves connected in parallel with one oil inlet pipe and one oil return pipe. This hydraulic station with special drive technology is used to control the action of the main steam valve and the actuators of the steam turbine bypass system. The power unit is optimized for various application conditions, for example, it can be applied to trucks running in harsh environments, or used for heavy-duty handling conditions for a long time, and other occasions that require high-performance and high-quality products. As a result, an extremely versatile and versatile platform has been produced. Using standard components, it can cope with most of the application conditions required by the market. The customer’s inventory of hydraulic components is minimized and the workload of non-standard designs is greatly reduced. . The power unit also makes special applications more cost-effective. For example, the power unit is built on a multi-functional platform. The allowable motor size ranges from 80 to 132mm (0.3 to 4.5kw), and the pump displacement ranges from 0.24 to 5.7cc. A power unit can control up to 4 hydraulic cylinders. The core component of the system is the adapter. There are two different specifications. It has various shapes and installation methods.

Hydraulic power unit
Hydraulic power unit
Hydraulic power unit
Hydraulic power unit