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    The metallurgical industry includes the production and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Equipment generally works in a harsh environment with high temperature and dust, which requires high control accuracy and automation. At the same time, with the generation of a large amount of sewage and harmful gases, corresponding energy-saving, emission-reducing and environmental protection equipment is required. The characteristics of hydraulic technology are suitable for the above requirements, so it shows its unique advantages in the metallurgical industry.

    The mud gun hydraulic control system is modified on the basis of the original cone valve control system. Picture shows the schematic diagram of the modified mud bubble hydraulic system. The oil source of the system is quantitative plunger pumps 1 and 2, one of which is working and the other is standby. The pressure control valve of the system is two electromagnetic relief valves 8 and 9, one of which is working and the other is standby. Valves 8 and 9 are switched on and off by stop valves 7 and 10 respectively. When an electromagnetic overflow valve is working, if the electromagnet is energized, the directional valve will switch to the lower position and the hydraulic pump will be unloaded; when the electromagnet is energized time reaches the delay relay setting value (normal speed of the motor), the electromagnet is de-energized, Then the reversing valve returns to the upper position, and the hydraulic pump supplies oil to the system. The actuator of the system has four hydraulic cylinders (a clay gun rotating cylinder 11, two parallel pressure gun cylinders 12 and a mud cylinder 13) and the hydraulic motor of the hoisting device of the shedding machine (not shown in the figure). The movement direction of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by manual reversing valves 27, 28 and 29; the two-way locking (pressure holding) of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by the superimposed double hydraulic control check valves 24, 25 and 26; the two-way adjustment of the hydraulic cylinder The speed is achieved by adjusting the opening of the superimposed double-f-direction throttle valve 21, 22 and 23; the working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder can be displayed and observed by the pressure gauges 17, 18 and 19 respectively. Spin

A pilot pressure reducing valve 20 is connected in series on the oil inlet of the cylinder 11 to realize the smooth rotation of the mud gun under low pressure.


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