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The basic composition of a hydraulic cylinder: a hydraulic cylinder is generally composed of a cylinder body, a piston, a piston rod, an oil inlet and an outlet port, and a sealing device.

The concept of hydraulic cylinder thrust

1.basic conceprt

The thrust of the hydraulic cylinder is the theoretical fluid force acting on the piston area. Like a motor, a hydraulic cylinder is also a device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, which converts hydraulic energy into linear motion or swinging mechanical energy.


According to the structure:

Piston cylinder is divided into single rod piston cylinder and double rod piston cylinder

Plunger cylinder

Swing cylinders are divided into single-blade swing cylinders and double-blade swing cylinders.

Single-acting hydraulic cylinder: The movement in one direction is realized by hydraulic force, and the other direction is realized by spring force, gravity, etc.;

Double-acting hydraulic cylinder The movement in both directions is realized by hydraulic force;

Compound cylinder The combination of piston cylinder and piston cylinder, the combination of piston cylinder and plunger cylinder, the combination of piston cylinder and mechanical structure, etc.

Double-rod piston cylinder Double-rod piston cylinder has piston rods on both sides of the piston. According to different installation methods, it is divided into two types: piston rod fixed type and cylinder fixed type.

Thrust two-stage hydraulic cylinders such as super large hydraulic cylinders

The hydraulic cylinder for the underground pipe jacking machine has a cylinder diameter of 482mm, a rod diameter of 355mm, and a total weight of about 7t. The main technical parameters are the highest in Xuye, and the hydraulic cylinder with the largest cylinder diameter is produced. The manufacture of this cylinder created a new breakthrough in the production of hydraulic cylinders, laying a good foundation for the further development of large hydraulic cylinders. This type of hydraulic cylinder is mainly used for trenchless underground pipe jacking projects and removal of underwater silt and other harsh working conditions, so the technical requirements are high. Due to the high machining accuracy and difficulty of the cylinder, the traditional process flow of the hydraulic cylinder is changed. The cylinder and flange are forged together, which improves the surface accuracy of the parts and ensures the strength and strength of the cylinder. The appearance quality avoids defects caused by welding quality. Because it is the first time to manufacture this kind of large cylinder, according to its characteristics, various toolings such as processing, assembly, testing, transportation and so on are specially designed and manufactured. During the manufacturing process, full-stroke tracking is implemented, and each process is strictly controlled to make the The cylinder can successfully pass various factory test items, and the quality is guaranteed. After the main engine is used, all performance indicators meet the requirements, and it has been praised by users.

HSDG series equal thrust two-stage hydraulic cylinders are new engineering hydraulic cylinders developed over many years. With brand-new principles and structures, it is a breakthrough to solve the problem of the two-stage piston rod extending thrust of ordinary two-stage cylinders at a certain input pressure and flow rate. It is an inherent problem that is not equal to the speed, and greatly reduces the size and material consumption. In the process of research and development, a number of technological innovations have been carried out to meet the special design requirements of the key parts of this series of hydraulic cylinders-two long sleeve piston rods. As early as 5 years ago, Xu Ye successfully developed 10 HSDG320 300t and other thrust secondary hydraulic cylinders for the first time in China. During the construction of a key project tunnel pipe jacking in Thailand, it was strongly guaranteed with excellent performance and reliability. In order to improve the progress of the project, it was praised by the China Hong Kong Group as the best domestic hydraulic cylinder comparable to imported parts. In 2004, it ordered 4 more parts for tunnel pipe jacking construction in Vietnam. This type of cylinder has maintained the highest level of Xuye in terms of structural complexity and technological difficulty.

Equal-thrust multi-stage hydraulic cylinders are mainly used in some occasions where the installation space is small and the output force is required to be constant. Ordinary two-stage or multi-stage hydraulic cylinders have progressively reduced output thrust. The equal-thrust two-stage hydraulic cylinder developed by Xu Ye adopts a more complicated oil circuit design. Its first-stage thrust and second-stage thrust are equal, and it can achieve the same number of external connections as ordinary single-stage double-acting hydraulic cylinders. the way. It has more advantages than ordinary two-stage cylinders: for example, it is convenient to set and adjust the system pressure, can achieve two-stage speed extension under a certain flow, greatly reduce material consumption, reduce the weight of the host, and facilitate transportation and lifting. Following the development of thrust cylinders such as HSDG320, in order to meet the needs of customers for different main engine conditions, Xu Ye has developed a series of products such as HSDG280, HSDG250, HSDG140 and other thrust secondary hydraulic cylinders, and expanded the application of the product. This series of hydraulic cylinders has attracted the attention of users from many industries because of its excellent performance, economical and practicality. It has been successively promoted to be used in trenchless pipe jacking machines, presses and other fields. With the rapid development of economic construction in large and medium-sized cities, a large Renew or lay underground pipelines with large diameters. Under the premise of ensuring that the road surface is not damaged, there will be more and more demand for trenchless construction pipe jacking equipment with the characteristics of adapting to environmental protection requirements and limited construction sites. Therefore, the thrust is multi-level The market prospect of hydraulic cylinders is very broad.

Equal thrust double-stage double-acting hydraulic cylinder

An equal-thrust double-stage double-acting hydraulic cylinder, which includes a cylinder body, a large piston installed in the cylinder body through a guide sleeve arranged at the upper port of the cylinder body, and a hollow cavity of the rear extension of the large piston body is sleeved In the middle piston, a small piston is installed in the hollow cavity of the rear extension of the middle piston body; the small piston is enclosed in the hollow cavity of the middle piston through a connector; the outer diameter of the rear extension of the large piston body is smaller than that of the large piston The outer diameter of the body. The utility model enlarges the effective total area of the secondary piston by adding a small piston, thereby realizing that the primary piston and the secondary piston output basically the same thrust in the whole process of pushing the load.


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